Monday, August 11, 2008


Starting a blog has been on my list of things to do for a while. Finally after finding a few moments of free time, I felt it I should start sharing some of my thoughts about the web design industry. But I hope to focus specifically on web design in Las Vegas. Since this is my first posting, it will probably be a little longer than planned future postings.

A little about myself... I have been working as a freelancer and also running my own company since 1999. As I'm sure many designers did, I started without any type of formal education in the field. I stumbled across my newest passion after being asked to build a website for my employer. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue it and several websites later, I opened my own business. Back in those days I was employed as a project manager and I have to say there are some striking similarities between the two jobs which made the transition to web design pretty easy.

Website design and development is an ever changing medium and still I find there is plenty of room for new ideas. The options are truly limitless and I suppose this is one reason that made me want to transition careers. The building industry is far less open to new things and the seemingly endless list of local and state bureaucracies make sure it stays that way.

Although the current economic forecast is not very "new business friendly," I felt it was time for a big change. Together with my partner we are taking the first leap in pursuit of our goals.

A little about our company... I mentioned my business partner who also happens to be my fiancé. Together we have exciting plans to take our company to the next level. Over the years, we were surprised to find many website owners are clueless to the potential their websites have. For most people, they spend the money getting the website built and then what? Aside from getting listed in some search engines, they typically have no real plan for their site. With our combined experience in every aspect digital marketing, we hope to educate our clients about the tremendous opportunities that they are likely overlooking. The website is only a small part of the first step. Helping our clients to develop a highly executable marketing plan is our primary goal.

Later postings will cover more in-depth topics on how you can utilize digital marketing to improve the performance of your website. I hope you find this informational and that you return for future installments.