Monday, August 2, 2010

Craig Road Animal Hospital

As you all probably know by now, we have come to rely on our blog for announcing all the new projects released by KMJ Web Design. And every once in a while we have a little more of a story to share about a project and all the things that went into creating it. This was definitely one of those projects because it's a rare occurrence that we'll end up designing a website 3 different times. But it happened in this case because we were determined to provide a design that was embraced by not only the owner, but entire staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Speaking from first hand experience, I can say they are a great bunch of people at Craig Road Animal Hospital. We had a lot of fun working with them while trying to help them define what it was they needed to accomplish with their website. From our initial meeting we came up with a game plan and delivered our first design scheme, but it really wasn't what they were looking for. So we thought long and hard and decided the best way to address their concerns was to start from scratch and develop a whole new design scheme. It was risky, but in the end we got a step closer to giving the client what they were hoping for. But it still wasn't quite right and after some discussion we decided that we could get it right where the client wanted it with some graphical changes that would save us from another rebuild. Not only were we able to improve the design and get thumbs up from the entire staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital
, but we did so without needing to spend costly additional time on the project.

Although, it's true from time to time that a project will turn out to be a little more complicated than originally anticipated, but that comes with the territory. In the end we, at
KMJ Web Design, only care about making our clients happy and meeting every step of our clients expectations.

We invite all of you to please take a moment to visit this exciting new website and if any of your four-legged family members need an excellent veterinarian, we highly recommend the talented and friendly Doctors at Craig Road Animal Hospital.

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