Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tip for Business Owners

About a year ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her at a mixer for this business group she belonged to. Since I had been looking for new ways to grow my business, I basically jumped at the chance to network and meet some new people.

I was floored by the prospects that were made available to me almost the instant I walked through the door. The first gentleman I met ended up hiring our company for his website and met 2 others that currently have contracts pending. I wasn't even a member at that point, just a guest trying to figure out what the group was all about. That was just a beginning and needless to say I ended up joining the group a few weeks later. Our business has exploded and to this day we continue to get fresh leads almost every week. The group I'm talking about is LeTip of Red Rock which is a chapter of LeTip International, Inc. They are the world's largest, privately owned, professional business leads organization. Since 1978, LeTip programs have helped over 50,000 members, throughout the United States and Canada, build business success through personal referrals.

As an active member in the chapter, KMJ Web Design wanted to build the chapter a website we would all be proud of. Ultimately, the website will help guests understand what we're all about and provide them with the needed information when and where to attend the next meeting/mixer. First time guests get a free breakfast and usually after seeing the huge potential of the group, they find themselves ready to join just as I did.

LeTip of Red Rock is looking to grow their chapter and they have many open positions available for prospective business owners. We invite to take a moment to review the website, learn about the chapter and contact them about how you can become a member of LeTip of Red Rock!

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